Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Insomniacs Kitchen

A few times I year I don't sleep due to excitement, joy, and allergies. I wake up, get up and bake and cook through dawn. Last night was one of those nights after 2 hours of sleep I made pumpkin + squash glop from actual pumpkins and squashes and turned it into a pumpkin banana pudding cake. I made collard greens with garlic olive oil and red hot chili peppers, I roasted all of the pumpkin and squash seeds. I made pita breads, I made yogurt cheese, I made lime peanut hummus. Luckily Jenny Debell and her two daughters Rozie and Pearl had plans to come at noon and eat with us and Bill joined us! I should just put a flag out front that says come n' eat! Barbara of Barbara's diner in Woonsocket sees me all the time walking Honey. She opens at five AM but she said the seniors are at her diner door waiting to be let in at three thirty am! Do you believe it? Have a great Indian summer night. I'll probably be up cooking again!