Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cooks Valley Farm

We mail order winter vegetables from local Cooks Valley Farm. Last week I asked Marilyn to put together an assortment of their potatoes so I could learn about them. This morning I washed them and put them in my 1920's dutch oven, covered. I put the oven up to 350 degrees F and forgot about them. The amazing aroma climbed up the stairs to my office and reminded me to check on them. They were amazingly delicious. I had a finger potato and then a purple potato both with a drizzle organic olive oil we received as a Christmas gift--with some kosher salt and twists of fresh pepper. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Here's a sample of last weeks potato list.

Yukon Gold 1.50/lb size med. or large
Red Norland 1.50/lb. small or med.
Adirondack Red 1.50/lb. small, med., large; red skin, red flesh
Adirondack Blue 1.50/lb. small, med., large; blue skin, blue flesh
Peter Wilcox 1.50/lb. small or med.; blue skin, yellow flesh
Nicola 1.50/lb. yellow skin, yellow flesh; similar to Yukon Gold
French Finger. 2.50/lb. red skin, yellow flesh
Russian Banana Finger 2.50/lb. yellow skin, yellow flesh