Friday, May 30, 2014

Jewish Soul Food

“I see myself a defender of all knishes,” Ms. Silver said, noting that handmade knishes are being served at many updated Jewish delis. “I believe we are entering a golden age, where the round and square can coexist.”

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gentle Reminder Pants

I grew up in a Jewish-Italian household where food and its journey through the alimentary canal was a perpetual theme. We all wanted to eat robustly yet remain svelte and attractive. Doesn't everybody? This is where my gentle reminder pants come in. There's no dieting, just noticing when your clothes seem to be getting a little snug. This is my favored method for judging my weight. But there is a catch. In the store it's not always easy for me to figure out my true pants size. The clothes manufacturers make me feel like Alice in Wonderland when it comes to finding reliable jeans, calling them 'relaxed fit', 'baggy fit', 'classic fit' and so on. I rely on two old and trusty pairs of slacks that are my proper size and fit to be my guide. They are unsparing in their reminders!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot Slaw

I started out thinking I would make coleslaw and I got out all of the necessary ingredients but as I chopped the head of cabbage and tasted it, I changed my mind. I took out my 12 inch cast iron skillet and added a generous amount of peanut oil and heated it up. Then I added chopped cabbage and carrots and celery and a half a cup of chunky peanut butter and fresh garlic. I added soy sauce and spicy rooster sauce and I quickly thawed chopped chicken pieces and threw them in. Then I added dried cranberries and a chopped red bell pepper for color. I added a bit of water to prevent scorching and additional salt. It is so delicious.