Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spaghetti in a Heat Wave

I felt a little guilty wanting to make spaghetti and tomato sauce. I made coleslaw and then I remember our marble sculptor friend who lived in Carrera Italy for years making us a simple marinara sauce. Peel and core garlic chop with Kosher salt put in large skillet with Price-Rite or Job-Lot extra-virgin oil. Heat it up. Add canned tomatoes or crushed tomatoes. Then add about half a cup of full bodied red wine. Simmer a few minutes so the alcohol is cooked out. Go to your garden and pick basil leaves (if you have them). In another pot boil 5 quarts of salted water. Add your favorite pasta and cook al-dente. Combine pasta with sauce and sprinkle with Italian hard cheese. Enjoy. Eat it again for breakfast the next morning.