Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wholesale Grains J.A.R. Baker's Supply

We bought inexpensive steel cut oats at Price Rite and a few jars of natural peanut butter. PR is starting starting to have more natural foods and bargain prices on dried fruit and nuts.

It's all about quantity with me. The next time I have cash I will buy steel cut oats at JAR bakers supply in Lincoln, where I buy wholesale bread flour, whole wheat flour, wheat berries, raisins, peanut butter, raw sunflower seeds, and raw almonds.

JAR Baker's Supplies Inc
Address: 12 Crow Point Rd, Lincoln, RI 02865
Phone:(401) 725-9660
Hours: m-f 8-4

Bakers Niche
12 Crow Point Road
Lincoln, RI. 02865.
(401) 725-9660 X118