Wednesday, July 15, 2015

THE ICE CREAM BARN: Tom and Jocelyn Seiter

THE ICE CREAM BARN: A magical place Something magical is happening in Swansea, Mass., thanks to a collaboration between Baker Farm owner Kenny Baker and ice cream artisans Tom and Jocelyn Seiter. You can feel it the instant you turn into the parking lot and see the lovely Ice Cream Barn building. Outside are handmade benches and farm views that go on forever. For six generations, family farmers have worked this land. You won't believe Route 6 is just miles away. Inside, old ice cream scoops make for dramatic wall art while staff can be seen boiling cranberries and other natural ingredients at the stove. None of it would matter if the ice cream weren't delectable. And it surely is. The milk for the ice cream comes from the Baker cows. That is just one key to the exquisite flavors. Alan Winsor of Winsor Dairy, in Johnston, picks up the fresh milk and fashions a base according to the Seiters' specifications. Once the mixture returns to the farm, all the natural ingredients are mixed right there beyond the granite countertop to create a very special ice cream. The setting, the ice cream — all create a place you won't want to leave. Details: 289 Locust St., Swansea, Mass.,, (508) 567-6278.