Thursday, May 2, 2013

Swiss Alps

Before our evergreen bushes grew last summer to cover two thirds of our picture window we used to have a view of the drooping baseball nets from our kitchen table. I call them the Swiss Alps since the droops escalate to pointy peaks. My craving yesterday for a lunch of raw oats and raisins and sunflower seeds was apparently very Swiss. They eat this and call it muesli.

I love to invent something and after I've eaten it, I'll "Google it" to see if there's such a recipe eaten by another human on this planet. I am such a monkey. Hello fellow monkeys it's me. Is there anyone out there having this for lunch too?

When I was a child I figured with so many people on this planet there must be another Emily dressed exactly like me doing the same things at this very moment, even thinking the same thoughts, wearing these same purple socks.

By the way I had no idea the Swiss put coffee and milk in the muesli. That certainly saves an extra dish to wash, though I love to wash dishes. But I'll save that chat for another day.