Monday, December 15, 2014

Tea Policy

I've asked the Wife to state our policy on tea, and although this doesn't cover sit downs it should make our position clear.
The Wife says:
Well the thing about tea is that everyone just drinks it the way they like it. Generally, we make it in mugs, one tea bag (PG pyramids) for every two mugs. Put the hot water in first, then give it a bit of a stir before adding the milk. Simple. Oh and we don't add sugar. If you drink any other sort of tea that's fine. If you put the milk in first, that's okay too (just so long as you know that it's wrong (in with the teabag that is)). Sugar is good too, especially if you're a builder. Occasionally we use a pot, when we can be bothered. That's all we have to say on the subject. Cheers.
Nicey adds:
Yes that's pretty much it. If we think of anything really important about tea we might put on this page as well, perhaps. We'll see.