Monday, December 21, 2015

Sinking into Savory

I had such fun making spinach pies last night I even dreamed I was spinach for the spinach pie (the covers were the dough). Today I am thinking of future possibilities using kale and pumpkin or potato. As long as the olive oil garlic and kosher salt are flowing you can't go wrong. I could also use sauerkraut, red onions, pickles, beans (garbanzo or black or kidney or white beans) or bits of sausage or cheese. How about an eggplant and tomato sauce calzone (caponata) with chic peas! Calzone, knish, dumpling, pocket bread, pie, whatever you call them they are all variations on a theme. There are infinite options. Just remember Fleishmann's instant yeast and bread flour are the best for making a happy no-fail dough. Letting the dough rest is a real thing! Just like people the dough stretches easily when it has had a short nap.