Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lime Chili and Late Night Swims

My brain switched into transmit and my tongue did too. I made peanut butter toast with Cholula and a bowl of nuts with rooster sauce. I started up my wagon after 6 months of not driving. I got every cruciferous vegetable that would fit in my car, and limechili peanuts all at PriceRite. Twice while shopping I nearly crashed my shopping cart into stack of glass vinegar bottles. Because I PULL my cart rather than PUSH it.

GOOD NEWS: park is yenta heaven. I go thru on my walks no matter where I am supposed to be headed. CENTRAL PARK of Woon. I LOVE IT.

Last night I swam in the pool at ten PM. Ann Marie was there it was our own private pool. She loves Woonsocket too.