Thursday, December 11, 2014


This morning it was snowing huge fat flakes and Lily and I walked around the city. I started thinking about food, of course. It's mashed potato weather, my head said. So now the potatoes are boiling and I am also dreaming of making vegetarian meatballs using chick peas and the 1/3 whole wheat sourdough I have kicking around.

My favorite lady, fairy-god-mother-of-Woonsocket Sylvia, has just moved into a top floor apartment in a Woonsocket skyscraper. She now overlooks the whole city. I can't wait to see her in her new perch.

I am relieved that she will have ample heat and electricity and plenty of people around her just in case she wants company. She was living in an empty drafty apartment building with doors falling off. She had an eccentric landlady that would pick through her trash each week. I am grateful she has found a comfortable and secure place to live. It's not easy sometimes. God bless Sylvia and the Woonsocket Housing Authority.