Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Bowling Ball Cabbage

I bought a huge heavy bowling ball of a cabbage and made a bucket of coleslaw last night. I LOVE cabbage! AND I love listening to opera. (It proves I must've been adopted!) All the foods I love are my ancestral foods, not the foods I grew up eating. This is fascinating to me. Yogurt, beans, sauerkraut, kasha, black breads, all vegetables especially carrots, kale, broccoli, root vegetables, are all the (inexpensive foods) I gravitate towards when I am at Price Rite.

I LOVE coleslaw. MY coleslaw. The secret to coleslaw is using buttermilk because it ferments the cabbage right away. I also use mayo, mustard, grated carrots, raisins, juice from pepperoncini or red wine vinegar, and lots of shredded cabbage. Also I add red onion chopped and celery if you have it. My original recipe came from Marion Cunningham. She's the best. The SUPPER BOOK and the BREAKFAST BOOK are a must own. Marion is never be pretentious in her writing or her recipes, she's always the right thing. She rewrote the Fanny Farmer Cookbook 11th edition. I got to meet her once! She and I had lunch after I illustrated her book COOKING with CHILDREN. She was an amazing magical woman.