Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Smells Good

Yesterday I smelled curry on my street. This was the first time in 20 years I smelled someone cooking! And it's not because my nose is not working. It smelled so good! We must have some new neighbors. Sunday I saw the Monks leaving the Elks Hall at 1:30 and I was sorry I hadn't come out for my walk earlier (pouring rain). I would have been invited to join them for their summer meal.

In my fantasies I want to eat with my neighbors who cook. Seng had a Thai Vietnamese restaurant on the corner for years, he and his wife are the best cooks.

I am always lamenting that people don't share food anymore. Don't get me started. Our society is crumbling. I'll just say that I bake and cook all our meals. We can't eat out even if we wanted to but I no longer wish we could. I have Tuscany and the French Riviera, and Havana and Key West all at my backyard picnic table here in the heart of the metropolis of Woonsocket. I used to invite people all the time but now we are too busy and people are too afraid of us. Perhaps that is GOOD. I get to dine with Ernest Hemingway and May Sarton and all of my dead friends although sometimes I feel like the last living woman on earth who loves to break bread.

I have the Penzey's bumpersticker on my bicycle basket "Love People, Cook them Tasty Food"

There's hope!! Thanks to the children. I am going to make a parking lot ice cream and home made pizzelle ice cream cones party for the kids in the neighborhood.