Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hunger Brings me to the Stove

When I was a child my mother was always in a perpetual state of panic and distraction. This really showed up in the kitchen and our walk in pantry. She would shop almost daily and perpetually overbuy. I remember once coming home from grade school to find a dozen boxes of raisins stacked up. I asked her why? She said she heard there was a grape shortage.

There's something beautiful about running out of something and getting a little hungry for it. It's like missing a friend. We have run out of bread and we ate all of my frozen loaves. I just set up a new batch of sourdough that is rising as I write this. Meanwhile I am dreaming of making pancakes or waffles for my next meal.

I never know what I'm going to make. I am grateful for my appetite, hunger brings me to the stove. I create a meal the same way as I make a painting.