Thursday, August 6, 2015

Karen's Ginger Scones

The scones are a daily part of my life. I make a batch, put them in the freezer, and pop them into the toaster for fresh baked goodies every morning. This recipe was from Nancy Silverton, and I use it as a base, and just change ingredients as needed. Key is having the butter frozen, and just whizzing it up with the dry ingredients in the food processor (or otherwise by hand). I make it with currants and cardamom, and have also used toasted coconut with dried pineapple (Pina colada scones!).

Here's a link. I use the open end of a wine glass as my scone cutter for the ginger ones, but make 2 round disks and divide them into 8 wedges each when I do currant ones. More traditional.
- from my friend writer Karen Edelstein