Monday, May 11, 2015

Cat Cafes Springing Up!

Cumberland native's cafe plan: Blend coffee with cats
May 9, 2015
Russ Olivo

CUMBERLAND — For millions of American cat lovers, sipping a cup of coffee beside a feline friend is one of the taken-for-granted pleasures of daily life.

At home, on the sofa, that is. Not at Starbucks, or someplace like it.
But all that could change if Cumberland native Zackery Durkin and his girlfriend, Sarah Brown, have their way. They’re planning to open Rhode Island’s first “cat cafe” next year – after they return from South Korea.

South Korea is where Durkin and Brown got the idea for a place where cat lovers could enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while mingling with a resident group of furry four-leggers at the same time. Both 24-year-old graduates of St. John’s University in New York, they love traveling and figured out a way to see South Korea by getting jobs there as teachers last August.

“They have cat cafes in South Korea and we’ve been to a few,” Durkin said in a phone interview from Ansan, which is not far from Seoul, the capital. “When we saw that, we really fell in love with it.

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