Saturday, May 2, 2015

Another Outdoor Table

Claudette is moving soon. She gave us a bunch of outdoor furniture, a round glass table and 4 matching chairs and two other matching chairs, an umbrella stand for an outdoor umbrella and a Weber grill. I am so excited. I walked Lily and picked up two bags of trash. It has become a daily downtown ritual. The kids on my street got into it too. I have a bunch of cholula caps I have saved for decades for making a game of checkers. The bocce balls are out and the bocce courts are all set for the season. We pumped up the basketball too. I might have to cook supper outdoors tonight. After I swim. I wanted to go to the Salvation Army and see if they have sandals my size but time is running out. I want to plant basil in flower pots and tomato plants.

The kids in building three are playing basketball. The bouncing ball signals the sounds of spring. I have seven old computer monitors to cart off to the recycling place.

I have spring fever!