Sunday, May 3, 2015

Salad in Pocket Bread

Last night I went to the pool to swim one lap and came home 90 minutes later all happy having swam a mile. I really am a fish. There was nothing to eat and I was hungry. I made a huge batch of popcorn and we sat outside in the sun munching. Later I defrosted beans and kale and couldn't face eating it. My husband said let's go to Price Rite. I am glad we did. They had 10 pound bag of red potatoes, cauliflower, gigantic carrots, red onions, spinach and a bunch of other delights. I had money from the gig last Saturday. I bought whole wheat pocket bread and we made vegetable pouches using grated carrot, peeled and sliced cukes, sliced red onions, and spinach and mustard/mayo. They were fantastic.