Sunday, May 3, 2015

Laszlo Jakab Orsos

DRIFTING I try to teach all my loved ones to be able to do nothing. In a competitive city like New York, it’s one of the most important skills to develop — to be able to do nothing and don’t feel guilty. So one of my happiest times is to bike to Red Hook behind Ikea to this beautiful park and just sit there and of course grab a book. But just reading a page, eating an apple, just hang out. Just drift. That’s really important. And the more you let yourself sink into nothingness, into the void, the more you can bring back.

HUNGARIAN HOST A big, important chunk of my life is back home in Hungary, and Sunday afternoons find me on Skype very often, talking to my friends and family. All these relationships are very alive. From spring on, friends are coming from Europe, so I’m a host. It’s already started. As soon as the weather turns better around late March or April, you start getting emails: “Hey, we’re in town, can we meet?” I kind of like it.