Sunday, May 3, 2015

Swimming, Tea and Dogs

The more I swim the more I want to swim and think about swimming when i am not swimming. I feellike a ballerina in the water. I am a dolphin giggling and flipping over in the sun patches. I wore a foam belt yesterday one I bought for my husband but he doesn't use it. I strapped it on and swam laps. I didn't realize it but it worked my arms. They ached like mad when I was ready to go to bed. I hope to get ZOOMERS for Christmas because they are fun. They are hard rubber flippers that make you go fast and work your thigh and calf muscles. Now that the weather is warmer I walk over to the pool in flip flops and I don't mind coming home soaking wet. Our house is finally a reasonable temperature. Some winter I hope to afford heat, at least for one winter before I die. Time is running out!

I find that I crave hot tea when I am regularly swimming. I like it with golden blossom honey and a splash of milk. I like this beverage better than anything in the world. Except dogs I like dogs more than tea.