Saturday, January 30, 2016


I woke at 3:15 am after going to sleep at 7PM. As I was putting on my blue jeans I got a pain spasm shooting through my hip and thigh. No matter which way I turned it was unrelenting agony. I started wailing. I became dizzy and nauseous from the pain. I woke up my husband. He wanted to call 911. He was thinking I fractured my hip. I pictured a troop of Emergency Medical Technicians climbing up three flights of stairs, taking me down on a stretcher, and over to the hospital. "No way," I thought.

I got up and went downstairs very slowly and made coffee, and took a shower. I had to be presentable to the EMT's just in case. At 8AM I called my Dr's answering service and got an appointment for ten thirty.

After examining my leg, the doctor said that I pulled a groin muscle. I realized it was the perfect storm: shoveling running dog walking and most of all my not-swimming due to skin surgery. Oy!

She prescribed 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen three times a day for ten days and a muscle relaxant so I can sleep tonight.

She suggested physical therapy but I said I probably won't need it because the pool will straighten me out. "No frog kick!" she said.

I feel like I am 100 years old. But the Ibuprofen is just kicking in!

Thursday evening Bill and I attended a function. There was a buffet supper made up of meatballs, gnocchi and eggplant lasagna. The food was ready at 6PM but sat on sterno trays for four hours. Apparently just enough time to grow a hearty infestation of bacteria. I wonder how many people spent Friday being as sick as us.

Be healthy everyone, Count your blessings!

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KAREN said...

uh - e maily. i have recently been diagnosed with 'severe' osteoporosis and for a moment i thought that your hip pain could be due to bone probs like me!! v happy to know that you pulled something and did not break anything. i had similar experience and discovered fractured STERNUM! from an equally innocuous action. i AM old!! but the bone stuff was very hard to hear - all despite my years of 'weight bearing' exercise and good nutrition - doc's comment? "genes rule!". and your food poisoning incident is v scary :(